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Apr 16, 2013 1:00am PDT
to finish your comments. >> sure, thanks. >> also we have already seen china impose carbon tax and from a purely capitalist point of view, shell oil has noted that fossil fuels are going to make-up as much as 37 percent of total energy used over the decades where renewables. considering the tiny scale of the fuels, the tiny scale of renewable scale. and i know that as an investment manager, that one is stealing the market shares and i know where i want to place my bets. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> good morning. my name is rebecasolmat and i am a history writer and i am an author of 13 books, many about the city and thank you for letting me sit here and thank you supervisor avalos for your visionary leadership. i want this in the history of the nation and the identity of the city and to be against slavery in 1840 was to be a dreamer and a radical and a political extremist, to be against in 1940 was to be a common, and decent ordinary human being, abolishing slavery erased 4 billion dollars in privately held assets, and doing so did not come easy. you c
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1